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Baseball Mom

I would like to tell you how I became a baseball mom!  Just like lots and lots of people out there, I love baseball and Yankees in particular.  My dad gave me the active interest even as a tiny kid and I have ever since been captivated and engrossed in the game.  There is not a thing that I do not like about it.  The players, the lazy stride, the hot dogs, the sight of the ball field when, for the first time, you walk into the stands.  And, of course, man, I love the baseball cards.

 baseball momI had always dreamt that my son would one day be a baseball player and I would travel with those guys and be the flashy and blaring, loud-mouthed team mom.  A drooping old lady with dazzling red lipstick, wearing my jersey while handing out the sports drink and condoms to the baseball players.

 When my son developed the ability to hold things, I gave him a plastic bat and held him up to the television and told him, “See those guys with those numbers on their backs? That’s going to be you one day! Right?

 But my son didn’t seem to like baseball.  I tried my best to get him hooked, but all in vain.  Once when we signed him up for little league, he was standing in the field with the glove on his head picking his nose every game.  I began to lose hope.  Oh… oh… I was not going to be that brazen, noisy, baseball mom. My dreams were dead!

  A few years ago, my son was invited to a celebration at AT & T Park.  The kids had to go into the field with some ex-Giants players to flaunt their stuff.

 My son began bursting with frustration the minute he got onto the field.  He had absolutely NO interest in playing.  On the other hand, my daughter grabbed her bat and helmet and went skipping into the batting cage.

 And she was unbelievable.

baseball mom She bashed the ball with her tiny little thin string bean like arms.  She was so focussed, so determined and when she stooped forward to shorten her strike zone, I instantly knew that she was born to be a baseball player.  Yes, she was a real wonder.

 All the players there started crowding around her, gently patting her back and telling her how wonderful she was.  She radiated at them with a toothless grin and said, “I love baseball.”

 And now I am a baseball mom!  And it is fairly as good as I thought it would be!

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5 Ways To Create Your Own Style Statement With Baseball Tees

As temperatures begin rising, while women have unlimited choices for enhancing their style statement, for men, the options are limited. Most men end up with the polo and baseball tee. Talking of a baseball t-shirt, it is a clothing you will find in the wardrobe of almost all men. Also, the same has made its way to a woman’s wardrobe too for the comfort they render. In short, baseball tees are looked upon as a versatile piece which is both casual as well as smart and works wonder in boosting up your level of confidence.

baseball teeBefore proceeding with baseball tee styling solutions, take a look at few of the guidelines chalked on how you should ensure that the baseball tee you have selected is perfectly fitting you:

  • Make sure that the sleeves end up exactly at your mid-bicep mark.
  • Check that the shirt’s hem doesn’t fall too much from your hip but it should cover the trousers’ waist line.
  • Do make sure that the neck is wide enough for you to put your head in smoothly.

Ways of styling with baseball tees

Now here is a look at 5 different ways in which you can wear your baseball tee.

  1. All-white:

Whether you are going for a casual walk or for a game, you can put on an all-white baseball tee as eth same always appear attractive. Start with the classic white baseball tee and make sure that it fits you well.  Next, you can team up the tee with white chinos. Complete this look with brown loafers. Well, in case white doesn’t suit your skin tone, you can go for any pastel hues.

  1. Sporty look:

baseball teeAs baseball tee derive its origin from baseball, a popular sports, you can also grab the sportier look simply by teaming your tee with joggers or the athleisure’s. Moving on, you can even pair the same with black or brown cropped trousers. Not to be missed, even white canvas trainers or leather shoes can work wonder in completing your look.

  1. Shirt replacement:

A reliable way of appearing sharp at the same time retaining the cool look is replacing the full sleeve shirt with a baseball tee. The full sleeve shirt will hence resemble a blazer/ jacket. It this case, you need go for contrasting colors. This means, if the tee comes in dark shade, then you need to go for pale shade in case of the full sleeve shirt. Well, a tint of sophistication can be added by pairing your look with suede loafers or trainers.

  1. Dress up with it:

If baseball tee suits you, then you can freely use it as the top layer for any formal events. In this regard, a pale color baseball tee will work great. You can also pair the same up with chinos along with a good quality leather belt for the event.

  1. High summer-

Well, during the sultry summer, baseball tees are surely going to give you some relief. Pair up your baseball tee with well-tailored shorts for instance cotton shorts or chino shorts or demin shorts and create your own style statement.

Final verdict

Whether you are going for a formal event or just a casual walk, baseball tees are something you can use reliably for creating a unique style statement.


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